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Heaven is a place called Meadow! Vast, teeming with life and now a unique social experience. Might and Delight invites you to frolic freely in the lush fields of Meadow - a unique multiplayer sandbox.
— Steam description

Meadow is a multiplayer online game released by Might and Delight on 26 October, 2016. The game's main objective is finding various collectibles and unlocking content. Although most content can be unlocked for free, the game does feature some purchase rewards, given for owning other products made by the studio. Meadow features 12 playable Animals, each having it's own set of unlockable content.

Purchase rewards

Art of shelter skins

The following rewards are obtainable for owning other products produced by Might and Delight.



Additionally, owning the entire Shelter catalogue grants the user an achievement:

ShelterResident.jpg Shelter resident
Own everything Shelter.


Meadow has a total of 85 achievements available to unlock on Steam.

CuriousStartBadgerCub.jpg A curious start - Badger Cub
Played 15 minutes as a Badger Cub.
AspiringFlorist.jpg Aspiring florist
Picked 10 flowers.
ClimbingUpInTheWorld.jpg Climbing up in the world
Jumped 100 times.
Happy.jpg Happy
Unlocked an emote.
Conversationalist.jpg Conversationalist
Called 100 times.
NewCoat.jpg New Coat
Unlocked a skin.
Frog.jpg Frog
Unlocked the Frog.
ReturningFavoriteBadgerCub.jpg Returning Favourite - Badger Cub
Played 2 hours as a Badger Cub.
Rabbit.jpg Rabbit
Unlocked the Rabbit.
StartingOut.jpg Starting out
Unlocked 10 obelisks.
OneThingAtATime.jpg One thing at a time
Found all types in one category of collectables.
CuriousStartFrog.jpg A curious start - Frog
Played 15 minutes as a Frog.
GathererOfFlowers.jpg Gatherer of flowers
Picked 10 rare flowers.
HandfulOfPretty.jpg A handful of pretty
Picked 100 flowers.
Goat.jpg Goat
Unlocked the Goat.
CuriousStartRabbit.jpg A curious start - Rabbit
Played 15 minutes as a Rabbit.
LoudMouth.jpg Loud mouth
No description available.
Bouncy.jpg Bouncy
Jumped 1000 times.
RangeOfExpressions.jpg A range of expressions
Unlocked all emotes for an animal.
BrowsingTheRange.jpg Browsing the range
Unlocked an obelisk of each type.
CuriousStartGoat.jpg A curious start - Goat
Played 15 minutes as a Goat.
Fox.jpg Fox
Unlocked the Fox.
CuriousStartFox.jpg Curious Start - Fox
Played 15 minutes as a Fox.
ReturningFavouriteRabbit.jpg Returning Favourite - Rabbit
Played 2 hours as a Rabbit.
Pheasant.jpg Pheasant
Unlocked the Pheasant.
CuriousStartLynx.jpg A curious start - Lynx
Played 15 minutes as a Lynx.
PlaceToLayYourHead.jpg A place to lay your head
No description available.
ReturningFavouriteGoat.jpg Returning Favourite - Goat
Played 2 hours as a Goat.
FullWardrobe.jpg Full wardrobe
Unlocked all skins for one animal.
ReturningFavouriteFrog.jpg Returning Favourite - Frog
Played 2 hours as a Frog.
CuriousStartPheasant.jpg Curious Start - Pheasant
Played 15 minutes as a Pheasant
ReturningFavouriteFox.jpg Returning Favourite - Fox
Played 2 hours as a Fox.
Gourmand.jpg Gourmand
Ate 50 pieces of food.
ReturningFavouriteLynx.jpg Returning Favourite - Lynx
Played 2 hours as a Lynx.
DippingAPaw.jpg Dipping a Paw
Picked 50 water flowers.
HelloThere.jpg Hello there
No description available.
ReturningFavouritePheasant.jpg Returning Favourite - Pheasant
Played 2 hours as a Pheasant.
OnlyTheBestWillDo.jpg Only the best will do
Picked 10 fabled flowers.
Popper.jpg Popper
No description available.
Hedgehog.jpg Hedgehog
Unlocked the Hedgehog.
MovingUp.jpg Moving Up
Unlocked 100 obelisks.
CuriousStartLynxCub.jpg A curious start - Lynx Cub
Played 15 minutes as a Lynx Cub.
Mountaineering.jpg Mountaineering
No description available.
LateNightConversation.jpg Late night conversation
No description available.
CuriousStartBadger.jpg A Curious Start - Badger
Played 15 minutes as a Badger.
ReturningFavouriteLynxCub.jpg Returning Favourite - Lynx Cub
Played 2 hours as a Lynx Cub.
CuriousStartBearCub.jpg A curious start - Bear Cub
Played 15 minutes as a Bear Cub.
CuriousStartHedgehog.jpg Curious Start - Hedgehog
Played 15 minutes as a Hedgehog.
TasteOfEverything.jpg A taste of everything
Have eaten all types of food.
ShelterResident.jpg Shelter resident
Own everything Shelter.
ReturningFavouriteBadger.jpg Returning Favourite - Badger
Played 2 hours as a Badger.
TopOfTheWorld.jpg Top of the world
Played as the Eagle.
ReturningFavouriteBearCub.jpg Returning Favourite - Bear Cub
Played 2 hours as a Bear Cub.
MoreColorsThanICanBear.jpg More colors than I can bear
Picked 100 rare flowers.
CuriousStartEagle.jpg A curious start - Eagle
Played 15 minutes as an Eagle.
FullNest.jpg Full nest
No description available.
SoManySuchPretty.jpg So many much pretty
Picked 1000 flowers.
DoctorMalcom.jpg Doctor Malcom
Found all types of flowers.
ReturningFavouriteHedgehog.jpg Returning Favourite - Hedgehog
Played 2 hours as the Hedgehog.
Trippy.jpg Trippy
No description available.
SittingAround.jpg Sitting Around
No description available.
DontYouNoticeMe.jpg Don't you notice me?
No description available.
ReturningFavouriteEagle.jpg Returning Favourite - Eagle
Played 2 hours as an Eagle.
AutumnJoy.jpg Autumn Joy
Jumped in 50 leaf piles.
Yawn.jpg Yawn
No description available.
Stern.jpg Stern
No description available.
BuffetVeteran.jpg Buffé Veteran
Ate 500 pieces of food.
Agreeable.jpg Agreeable
No description available.
GrandPopper.jpg Grand popper
No description available.
FungusScholar.jpg Fungus Scholar
Found all types of mushrooms.
BecauseIDeserveIt.jpg Because I deserve it
Picked 100 fabled flowers.
LikeAfish.jpg Like a Fish
Picked 500 water flowers.
MyArmIsGettingTiredHere.jpg My arm is getting tired here
No description available.
SubmergedInLeaves.jpg Submerged in Leaves
Jumped in 500 leaf piles.
MushroomHoarder.jpg Mushroom Hoarder
Found 500 common mushrooms.
DeliciuosRarities.jpg Delicious Rarities
Found 100 rare mushrooms.
OddPicks.jpg Odd Picks
Found 50 fabled mushrooms.
CuriousStartWolf.jpg A curious start - Wolf
Played 15 minutes as the Wolf
ReturningFavouriteWolf.jpg Returning Favourite - Wolf
Played 2 hours as the Wolf.
Wolf.jpg Wolf
Unlocked the Wolf.
AMusicalBath.jpg A Musical Bath
No description available.
WinterJoy.jpg Winter Joy
Jumped in 50 snow piles.
SnowMan.jpg Snow Man
Jumped in 500 snow piles.
CrystalConnoisseur.jpg Crystal Connoisseur
Found all types of crystals.
Treasurer.jpg Treasurer
Found 100 crystals.

Default keybinds


  • In the beta of the game, the animals included the badger, frog, rabbit, fox, and duck. However the duck was removed from later stages of the game