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Stuff about flowers

Purple flower

Blue flower


Water flower

Related achievements

AspiringFlorist.jpg Aspiring florist
Picked 10 flowers.
HandfulOfPretty.jpg A handful of pretty
Picked 100 flowers.
SoManySuchPretty.jpg So many much pretty
Picked 1000 flowers.
DippingAPaw.jpg Dipping a Paw
Picked 50 water flowers.
LikeAfish.jpg Like a Fish
Picked 500 water flowers.
GathererOfFlowers.jpg Gatherer of flowers
Picked 10 rare flowers.
MoreColorsThanICanBear.jpg More colors than I can bear
Picked 100 rare flowers.
OnlyTheBestWillDo.jpg Only the best will do
Picked 10 fabled flowers.
BecauseIDeserveIt.jpg Because I deserve it
Picked 100 fabled flowers.
DoctorMalcom.jpg Doctor Malcom
Found all types of flowers.


Stuff about mushrooms

Green Mushroom

Related achievements

MushroomHoarder.jpg Mushroom Hoarder
Found 500 common mushrooms.
DeliciuosRarities.jpg Delicious Rarities
Found 100 rare mushrooms.
OddPicks.jpg Odd Picks
Found 50 fabled mushrooms.
FungusScholar.jpg Fungus Scholar
Found all types of mushrooms.


Red shards

Blue shards

Yellow shards



Stuff about edibles

Related achievements

Gourmand.jpg Gourmand
Ate 50 pieces of food.
BuffetVeteran.jpg Buffé Veteran
Ate 500 pieces of food.
TasteOfEverything.jpg A taste of everything
Have eaten all types of food.

Leaf piles

Stuff about leaf piles

Related achievements

AutumnJoy.jpg Autumn Joy
Jumped in 50 leaf piles.
SubmergedInLeaves.jpg Submerged in Leaves
Jumped in 500 leaf piles.

Those inflated thingies

Stuff about inflated thingies

Related achievements

Popper.jpg Popper
No description available.
GrandPopper.jpg Grand popper
No description available.

General related achievements

OneThingAtATime.jpg One thing at a time
Found all types in one category of collectables.