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Animals are the playable characters in Meadow. Each animal has a unique set of Unlocks, such as Skins, Emotes and Voices. You start with 1 animal unlocked by default, and the rest can be unlocked via collecting shards or as rewards for purchasing other games.

List of playable animals

Unlock type: Yellow Shards

Badger Cub Frog Rabbit Goat Fox Pheasant Hedgehog
BadgerCub placeholder.png Frog placeholder.png Rabbit placeholder.png Goat placeholder.png Fox placeholder.png Pheasant placeholder.png Hedgehog placeholder.png

Unlock type: Purchase reward

Badger Lynx Lynx Cub Bear Cub Eagle Wolf
Adult badger.png Lynx placeholder.png Lynx cub placeholder.png Bear cub placeholder.png Eagle placeholder.png Wolf placeholder.png



middle mouse


Each animal has a unique set of Unlocks. Animal-exclusive unlocks include Emotes and Skins. The player can also unlock Actions and Emotes which are shared between all animals.


  • Most of the animals available in Meadow can be encountered in other games made by the studio